Welcome to Isles of Midgard!

Isles of Midgard are an MMORPG, set in a Viking world, where players have total freedom over their character...
-play as male or female humans
-act in characters not bound by classes
-do everything based on skill values
-align towards preferred gods through gameplay
-interact with humanlike races and wierd creatures
-travel on the astral plane when teleporting
-attune towards animal spirit 'Fylgia' posession
-craft common, rare, epic and legendary items
-solve quests, riddles and aid NPS
-manipulate threads of reality and cast magic
-learn the ancient Runes and secrets of the gods
-harvest raw materials, refine and enchant
Isles of Midgard is littered with humans spread across the world, living in small hordes and recovering after a huge war that tore the old realm of The High King apart. Divided in loyalty and beliefs some have turned renegade and some are rallying to the banners of old age -honoring the old houses!

In this aftermath of the great civil war, the Gods walk amongst the lesser races yet again. No one seems to know why. Some say its to regain lost power, but none seems to know the actual thruth. Most likely to aid their own travel, the Gods have reactivated the ancient Wyrd Portals. This also allow characters of the lesser races with the right knowledge, to travel swiftly across the physical world -much to the surprise of the elsers and wise ones.
-Rikhardr Skjaldbjorn , Tales of a thousand paths
Following the trails of the deer from what appeared to be a sacred opening, I could feel the ground going upwards through the hilly woodland. At a certain point I could hear the noise of a waterfall, and a while later I stood there looking at a strongly fortified town, with a mixture of huts of old and modern buildings. Memory of old tales came to me, and I realized I must have passed Gonk's Field and now beheld Grimsborg...
-birthplace of High King Solvarr Svartholtr!